Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Over Now the Music of the Night...


It's been nearly an entire year since I auditioned for BYU's production of Phantom of the Opera (March 2012).  The show ran from January 16 - February 2, 2013 (17 shows total).  I had the privilege of playing the role of Andre, one of the two managers who ran the theatre that the Phantom haunted, and was also cast as the understudy to the Phantom.  

The production was unlike any I had experienced with an incredible set, lavish costumes (check out the pics below) and a cast that I would put up against any Broadway production.   I had the chance to work with some great directors who pushed and challenged me, and expected nothing less than our absolute best.  We never saw less than a full house (1200+ seats) as every one of our 17 performances were sold out.  I received a number of Facebook messages, Tweets, and emails, some from friends and others from complete strangers, complimenting me and our cast on a job well done.  
Being a part of this production reminded me a few things:  

First, it reminded me of how much I love being on stage in a role that develops and grows with the plot of the story.  I cherish and absolutely loved my time as a Young Ambassador, but being back on stage in a musical theatre setting put me back in my "element" of story telling.  

Second, I was reminded of the power of the arts, and its influence on both those who observe, and those who participate.  I don't exactly know how to put words to it other than audience members left that theatre different and a little better than they came into it.  This show had many powerful lessons to teach, and with the help of beautiful music and a whole lot of team work from the cast and crew, those who attended the show were not simply entertained, but rather had an experience.  From the performer side, I was reminded of the great things that can be accomplished when people unite and dedicate their minds, bodies, and spirits to a better cause.  Part of the "power" and the "spectacle" of our production, I firmly believe, was the unity and mutual respect amongst the cast and crew.  

Finally, on a lighter note, I was reminded of just how much fun performing is, and how much I love doing it.  For me it's much more than simply getting your name in front of people or having your face in the lime light.  Its my deepest form of human expression.  It is one of the few ways I can feel that I have totally and completely given of not just my heart, but my entire soul.  Being a part of such an incredible production has caused me to deeply reflect on why I was blessed with the talents I have, and more importantly what I am to DO with them.  Up to this point in my life there has always been a "next" opportunity to share, but as I exit the "academic" world and transition into the "professional," I wonder "what new surprises are in store."

They say that when one door closes, another door opens, which leads me to believe, contrary to what the Phantom says, "it's (NOT) over now, the music of the night."

Monsieur Firmin and Monsieur Andre
Monsieur Firmin and Monsieur Andre

Raoul and Monsieur Andre

Christine and Phantom



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